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Compact Cosmos

CONTENTS Introduction 1 Great Walls and Voids 2 Deep Space 4 Superclusters 6 Galaxy Types 8 Active Galaxies 10 Black Holes 12 The Local Galaxy 14 Globular Clusters 16 The Main Sequence 18 Nebulae and Supernovae 20 Neutrons and Novae 22 Auric Objects 24 Planets and Moons 26 The Neighborhood Star 28 The Radiation Cosmos 30 Shifting Spectra 32 Forces and Fizzicks 34 Big Bang or Steady State 36 Orbital Evolution 38 Cosmic Mysteries 40 A Plasma Universe 42 Time and Light Bubbles 44 SpaceTime Games 46 Habitable Zones 48 Fine Tuning and Multiverses 50 Ultimate Reality 52 Maps 54 Misc Data 58 Given enough blind men,elephant exploration would soon yield up secret after secret,and a new agreement could be forged in the community of blind men as to what an elephant is. from Ineffable Elephant by Bert Speelpenning Thanks to H and the Xmen With love to Clair dLune and the Red Spider For my family and friends
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