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the starry sIGnature circumstantial evidence for life on earth Despite all the scientific discoveries over recent centuries we are possibly today as far from understanding what we are doing here as the ancients were from being able to build a pocket calculator. The ancients, however, pondered consciousness deeply, and held that life, or the soul, was particularly akin to the applied arts of geometry and music. Through these arts they carefully investigated the relationship between the One and the Few, for in music there are only so many notes in tune, and in geometry only so many shapes that fit. More recently, the equations of Newton, Einstein and others have been continually refined towards simplicity and beauty. This book has shown simple and beautiful examples of harmony and geometry in the solar system. The Golden Ratio, long associated with life, and conspicuously absent from modern equations, plays lovingly around Earth. Does this in some way have something to do with why we are here, and if so could these techniques be used to locate intelligent life in other solar systems If you ever need reminding that there may be a little more magic to our origins than modern cosmology can yet offer, then just remember the kiss of Venus and the words of John Donne Man hath weavd out a net, and this net throwne upon the Heavens, and now they are his owne. Loth to goe up the Hill, or labour thus to goe to Heaven, we make Heaven come to us. 52
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