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46 Jupiter and Saturn are the two largest planets of the solar system and ruled the outer two spheres of the ancient system. In ancient mythology, Saturn was Chronos, the Lord of Time. The top two diagrams opposite show the close 52 ratio of their periods. Top left we see their dance the beautiful threefold harmonic is immediately apparent, spinning slowly because of the slight miss in the harmony. From Earth, this pattern is seen as an important sequence of conjunctions and oppositions of Jupiter and Saturn, who kiss every 20 years. Top right we see the hexagram created by these positions with conjunctions marked on the outside of the zodiac and oppositions marked inside. The planets move anticlockwise around the dashed circle of the ecliptic, starting at twelve o clock, Jupiter moving faster than Saturn. The lower diagram shows the relative speeds of orbit of Earth, Jupiter and Saturn. We start with the three planets in a synodic line at twelve o clock. Earth orbits much faster than the outer planets and makes a complete circuit of the Sun 365.242 days and then a bit more before lining up with slowcoach Saturn again for a synod after 378.1 days. Three weeks later it lines up again with Jupiter after 398.9 days. Richard Heath recently discovered that the Golden Ratio is defined here in time and space to a stunning 99.99 accuracy The two giants of our solar system thus reinforce life on Earth. Amusingly, Saturn takes the same number of years to go round the Sun as there are days between full Moons 99.8 Jupiter and Saturn seen from Earth Jupiter Saturns Dance Conjunctions Oppositions Jupiter Saturns Synods define the Golden section 47 0.618034
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