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44 Jupiter, the largest planet, was king of the ancient gods, Zeus to the Greeks. A delightful feature of its orbit is its pair of asteroid clusters. The Trojans are two groups of asteroids which move round Jupiters orbit, 60o ahead of it and 60o behind opposite. This partnership perpetually moves round the Sun as though held in place by the spokes of a wheel. The positions of the Trojan clusters are known as the Laplace Points, with Sun, Jupiter and Trojans forming gravitationally balanced equilateral triangles. Just for the fun of it, if we now join the spokes as shown opposite then three hexagrams can be seen to produce Earths mean orbit from Jupiters 99.8, a very easy trick to remember. Earth and Jupiters orbits are thus lurking in every crystal. Another name for a sixpointed star made of two triangles is a Star of David or Seal of Solomon, a kingly design indeed, by Jove Exactly the same EarthJupiter proportion may be created by spherically nesting three cubes, or three octahedra, or any threefold combination of them two are shown alternating below. huge hexagrams and affirmatory asteroids 45 trojans trojans
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