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40 fours Mars, Jupiter and massive moons An asteroid belt and 550 million km separate Mars and Jupiters orbits, further than Earth is from the Sun. Jupiter is the first and largest of the gas giants, the vacuum cleaner of the solar system. If Jupiter had gathered only slightly more material during its long and ongoing formation its internal pressures would have turned it into a star and we would have had a second Sun. The top diagram opposite shows a really simple way to draw the orbits of Mars and Jupiter from four touching circles or a square 99.98. It is a proportion commonly seen in church windows and railway stations. Shown below, on this page, is a pattern from the same family, which spaces Earths and Mars orbits 99.9. Jupiter has four particularly large moons. The two largest, Ganymede and Callisto, are the size of the planet Mercury and produce one of the most perfect spacetime patterns in the solar system. An observer living on either moon would experience the motions of the other in space and time as the beautiful fourfold diagram shown opposite. how to accurately draw Mars Jupiters Mean Orbits the beautiful dance of Ganymede Callisto 41
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