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32 just three numbers do the trick Recent work by Robin Heath has revealed simple geometrical and mathematical tools which suggest order and form within the SunMoonEarth system. Imagine we want to discover the number of full moons in a year somewhere between 12 and 13. Draw a circle, diameter thirteen with a pentagram inside. Its arms will then measure 12.364, the number of full moons in a year 99.95. An even more accurate way of doing it is to draw the second Pythagorean triangle, which just happens to be made of 5, 12 and 13 again, the numbers of the keyboard, and of Venus page 26. Dividing the 5 side into its harmonic 23 gives a new length, the square root of 153, 12.369, the number of full moons in a year 99.999. The Moon seems to beckon us to look further. We all know that six circles fit around one on a flat surface 6 and 7. Twelve spheres pack perfectly around one in our familiar threedimensional space 12 and 13 again. We seem to be moving up in sixes. Could eighteen time spheres fit around one in a fourth dimension of time Incredibly, all of the current major time cycles of the SunMoonEarth system turn out to be accurately defined as simple combinations of the numbers 18, 19 and the Golden Section see page 22. The Golden Section is evident in the pentagram, the icosahedron, the dodecahedron and all living things. The orbits of the four inner planets all display its presence. Its values 0.618, 1, 1.618 and 2.618 added to the magic number 18 produce 18, 18.618, 19, 19.618 and 20.618, which then multiply together as shown opposite. two ancient techniques for finding the number of full moons in a year 18 years The Saros Eclipse Cycle 99.83 similar eclipses will occur after 18 years. 18.618 years Revolution of the Moons nodes 99.99 the moons nodes are the two places where the slightly offset circles of the Sun and Moons orbits cross. 19 years The Metonic Cycle 99.99 if there is a full Moon on your Birthday this year there will be another one on your birthday in 19 years time. The Eclipse Year 18.618 x 18.618 days 99.99 The Eclipse year is the time it takes for the Sun to return to the same one of the Moons Nodes. It is 18.618 days short of a Solar Year 99.99. There are 19 Eclipse years in a Saros. 12 Full Moons 18.618 x 19 days 99.82 12 full Moons is The Lunar or Islamic Year The Solar Year 18.618 x 19.618 days 99.99 The Solar Year is the 365.242 day Year we are used to 13 Full Moons 18.618 x 20.618 days 99.99 13 full moons is another 18.618 days after the solar year 33
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