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28 yet more phives and eights Mercury and Earth s physical sizes are in the same relation as their mean orbits Various five and eightfold overlays are shown opposite which proportion the orbits and sizes of the two planets. The diameter of Mercury s innermost orbit is suggested by the pentagram incircle top left 99.5 and also happens to be the distance between the mean orbits of the two planets 99.7. The diagram bottom right expands on the three touching circles of page 21. Eight circles centred on Venus orbit produce Earth s mean orbit 99.99 the eight years of the five kisses perhaps Mercury, Venus and Earth display a peculiar coincidence If we work in units of Mercury s orbital radius and period, then Venus period times 2.618 is Earth s orbital radius squared 99.8.Mercury s dance around Earth also produces its synodic year of 115.9 days. Richard Heath recently discovered that this is 2.618 times a musical fifth times a full moon 99.9 a musical fifth is 32 2.618 is 2, or 1.618 x 1.618 and there is a full moon every 29.53 days. Earth s and Saturn s relative orbits and sizes are given by a fifteen pointed star below, which also produces the tilt of the Earth. 29 The Relative Sizes of Mercury and Earth defined by a pentagram or an Octagram 99 The Relative orbits of Mercury and Earth defined by the same pentagram and Octagram 99 Other more accurate ways of drawing the inner orbits 99.9
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