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26 the perfect Beauty of venus the things they dont teach you at school With the Sun in the centre, let us look at the orbits of Venus and the Earth. Every couple of days a line is drawn between the two planets below left. Because Venus orbits faster she completes a whole circuit in the same time that the Earth completes just over a halfcircuit below centre. If we keep watching for exactly eight years the pattern opposite emerges, the suncentred version of the fivepetalled flower on the previous page. The ratio between Earths outer orbit and Venus inner orbit, i.e their home, is intriguingly given by a square below right 99.9. Venus rotates extremely slowly on her own axis in the opposite direction to most rotations in the solar system. Her rotation period is precisely twothirds of an Earth year, a musical fifth. This closely harmonises with the dance opposite so that every time Venus and Earth kiss, Venus does so with her same face. So paint a spot on Venus surface and every time she lines up with the as seen from Earth the spot will point back at Earth. Over the eight Earth years of the five kisses, Venus spins on her own axis twelve times in thirteen of her years from Kollerstrom. All beautiful musical numbers. 27
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