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our most beautiful relationship Other than the Sun and Moon, the brightest point in the sky is Venus, morning and evening star. She is our closest neighbour, kissing us every 584 days as she passes between us and the Sun. Each time one of these kisses occurs the Sun, Venus and the Earth line up twofifths of a circle further around the starry zodiacal circle so a pentagram of conjunctions is drawn. Seen from Earth the Sun moves round the zodiac while Venus whirls around the Sun drawing an astonishing pattern over exactly eight years 99.9, which is thirteen Venusianyears 99.9. Small loops are made when Venus in her dazzling kiss seems briefly to reverse direction against the background Stars shown below as seen from Earth. Notice the Fibonnacci numbers we have just met, 5, 8 and 13. The periods of Earth and Venus are also loosely related as 1.6181 99.6. This phifold nature of Venus and Earths dance extends to their closest and furthest distances from each other. Opposite we see Venus perigee and apogee precisely defined by two pentagrams, 2.6181 99.99. All these diagrams also apply to Venus experience of Earth. 24
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