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20 a few tips on things which appear in this book Seen from Earth, day or night, the Sun moves slowly to the left against the stars right in the southern hemisphere, taking a year to return to the same star. The Moon swiftly circles around in the same direction every month, taking 27.3 days to return to a star. Venus and Mercury oscillate around the Sun, coming and going, as the Sun itself slowly trundles around its yearly circle. Imagine standing on Venus the Sun moves faster against the stars and Mercury is closer, whirling round the Sun like a fairground waltzer. Every pair of planets creates a single dance. It doesn t matter which of the two you stand on, your partner s dance around you will be the same. It is a shared experience. Mercury s evolving waltzes with Earth and Venus are shown opposite top. Earth and Mercury roughly kiss 22 times in 7 years, though the ancient Greeks also knew of a more accurate 46 year, 145 synod cycle. Mercury and Venus are beautifully in tune after just 14 kisses. Shown opposite below is the Golden Ratio, or phi. It is found throughout every pentagram and in the Fibonacci series of numbers shown opposite, which starts with 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 13, all numbers we will see in the inner planets. The Golden Ratio is essentially 0.618, but since one divided by it is 1.618 which is the same as adding one to it, and 1.618 times 1.618 equals 2.618 the same as adding one more, it often takes all these values. The Golden Ratio is found throughout organic life forms it is the signature of life, and, as we shall see, highly accurately present in the inner solar system too. 240 Days 770 Days 2030 Days Mercury s and Venus Dance 470 Days 1390 Days 2510 Days Mercury s and Earth s Dance 21 The Golden Ratio Fibonacci Numbers
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