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15 14 In ancient times the seven musical notes were assigned to the seven heavenly bodies in various symbolic arrangements opposite top. With his accurate data, Kepler now set about precisely calculating these long imagined Harmoniae Mundi. He particularly noticed that the ratios between planets extreme angular velocities were all harmonic intervals opposite centre, after Godwin. More recently, work by Molchanov has shown that the entire solar system can be viewed as a tuned quantum structure, with Jupiter as the conductor of the orchestra. Music and Geometry are close bedfellows and Weizsackers theory of the condensation of the planets opposite after Murchie Warshall throws yet more dappled light on to these elusive orbits. It might appear fanciful were it not for the fact that two nested pentagons below left define Mercurys shell 99.4, the empty space between Mercury and Venus 99.2, Earth and Mars relative mean orbits 99.7, and the space between Mars and Ceres 99.8. Three nested pentagons below right define the empty space between Venus and Mars 99.6 and also Ceres and Jupiters mean orbits 99.6. planets playing in tune
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