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3 2 the welltuned universe Theres a lot going on in the universe. We can now see as many stars within our spacetime horizonbubble as there are grains of sand on Earth. Our planet and we ourselves are made from reorganised smoky stardust, a fact long taught by ancient cultures. We now know that stardust itself is made simply from fizzballs, highly organised flickering whirlpools of light, long ago squeezed together deep inside stars. We ourselves live in between the little and the large, in a time and a place in the universe where things have condensed, crystallized, built up and settled down. We still have no evidence as to whether conscious life is rare or common in galaxies. Just how special are we and our Earth Funnily enough, scientists are currently puzzling over the strange fact that the whole universe seems special. There is exactly enough material in the universe to make it, and the ratios between the fundamental forces seem specifically tuned to produce an amazingly complex, beautiful and enduring universe. Fiddle with any bit of it, even slightly, and you get a universe of black holes, insubstantial fizzballs, or other lifeless setups. Is this design or coincidence The story of the search for order, pattern and meaning in the cosmos is very old. The planets of our solar system have long been suspected of hiding secret relationships. In antiquity students of such things pondered the Music of the Spheres, today they experiment with the simple precision of Keplers, Newtons and Einsteins laws. Who knows what will come next You Are Here
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