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1 Biological life is now thought to have appeared on this planet not long after its formation. It seems that the bacterial seeds for the process may have flown in on the tail of a comet or meteor. Speculation is again rife about life under the surface of Mars, on Jupiters icy moon Europa and indeed anywhere the sacred substance of liquid water is known to exist. The science of the cosmos has changed immeasurably since the Greek and medieval visions of circles of planetary spheres. But with great cosmic schemes out of fashion, and with dragons and unicorns dismissed, the Earth has become a modern mystery. No modern theory exists to explain the miracle of conscious life and the numerous cosmic coincidences which surround our planet are swept under the carpet. Ancient answers to such questions invoked liberal arts like music and geometry. This book is not just another pocket guide to our solar system, for it suggests there may be fundamental relationships between space, time and life which have not yet been understood. These days we scan the skies listening for intelligent radio signals and looking for another planet a little like our own. In recent years we have discovered that mellow solar systems like our own are very very rare indeed. Yet meanwhile, our closest planetary neighbours are making the most exquisite patterns around us, in space and in time and no scientist has yet explained why. Is it all just a coincidence or do the patterns perhaps explain the scientists ...
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