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To people who have tragically grown up in a world devoid of a magical cosmology. Thanks to the many friends, colleagues and other nutters who have contributed to this project over the years. Please keep crunching the numbers and sending in the coincidences. Rich patrons may send funds. Note Accuracies in this book are shown as simple percentages. Early visions of an infinite universe of solar systems hinted at repeated structures like galaxies and parallel universes. From Thomas Wrights The Cosmos, 1750. CONTENTS Introduction 1 Galactic Dust 2 The Solar System 4 Retrograde Motion 6 The Ancient Secret of Sevens 8 Geocentric or Heliocentric 10 Keplers Visions 12 The Music of the Spheres 14 Bodes Law 16 The Inner Planets 18 Making Sense of the Pictures 20 Mercury and Venus Orbits 22 The Kiss of Venus 24 The Perfect Beauty of Venus 26 Mercury and Earth 28 The Alchemical Wedding 30 Calendar Magic 32 Cosmic Football 34 The Asteroid Belt 36 The Outer Planets 38 Fours 40 Outer Moons 42 Jupiters Giant Seal 44 The Golden Clock 46 Octaves Out There 48 Harmonic Secrets 50 The Starry Signature 52 Data Tables 54 Relationships 56
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