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58 PublicAtiOnS Of intereSt There are many good general books about British stone circles, both popular and technical. The definitive work is the second edition of Aubrey Burls The Stone Circles of the British Isles 2000. Publications by Gerald Ponting and Margaret PontingCurtis The Standing Stones of Callanish, 1977, out of print Achmore Stone Circle a full account of its discovery 1981 New Light on the Stones of Callanish, 56page guide book 1984 The Stones Around Callanish, a field guide to the minor sites 1984. Also technical papers Decoding the Callanish Complex some initial results in Astronomy and Society in Britain Ruggles and Whittle, 1981 and Decoding the Callanish Complex a progress report in Archaeoastronomy in the Old World Heggie, 1984. Two unpublished reports, Callanish, the Documentary Record 1979 and CDR 2 the minor sites 1981, are available for consultation in Stornoway Library. Also recommended Callanish Stones, Moon and Sacred Landscape by Ron and Margaret Curtis 1994 and Some Geometry Associated with Callanish by G.R. Curtis in Hebridean Naturalist 1979 Callanish by Patrick Ashmore in Studies in Scottish Antiquity Breeze, 1984 also the official site guidebook, Calanais the Standing Stones Ashmore, 1995 Ashmores excavation report on Callanish forthcoming. Full bibliographical details of all antiquarian material used in this book are available via the following page on the web
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