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57 56 SiteS in the uiStS And bArrA NORTH UIST Cladh Maolrithe, standing stone at Borve on Berneray, between Harris and North Uist not on map below. NF 912 807 1. Crois Mhic Jamain, standing stones at Port nan Long. NF 894 782 2. Clach an tSagairt near Clachan Sands, with an inscribed cross. NF 878 760 3. Maari Standing Stone NF 864 729 4. Na Fir Bhreige the false men are on the slope of Blashaval three miles west of Lochmaddy. The stones, of which only about 3 feet protrudes above the peat, are said to have been three men who deserted their wives on Skye and were punished by being turned to stone by a witch. NF 887 717 5. Leac nan Cailleachan Dubha, two large standing stones on the tidal island of Vallay. NF 791 765 6. South Clettreval, two st. stones a chambered cairn adapted as an Iron Age house. NF 751 712 7. Bheinn a Charra, a huge 11 ft slab, on the hillside near Committee Road. NF 786 691 8. Toroghas, two st. stones on a hillside 500 yds N of Loch Mhic GilleBhride. NF 770 703 9. Clach Mhor a Che, a single 8 ft stone, close to the shore near Westford Inn. NF 770 662 10. Leacach an Tigh Cloiche, SW shoulder of Unival, remains of a chambered cairn with nine stones still erect. NF 800 668 11. Barpa Langass Langass Barp is the bestpreserved chambered cairn in the islands. NF 838 657 12. Pobull Fhinn Fingals People, other side of Beinn Langass from the barp, a reasonably well preserved stone oval, about 120 ft by 93 ft. Eight erect stones, c.12 prone. NF 843 650 13. Sornach a Pobull Loch a Phobuill stone circle, 1 miles SW of Pobull Fhinn with 13 stones standing. One is 5 ft tall, but most are small and almost hidden in the peat. NF 829 630 14. The Hill of Craonaval bears chambered cairns, a stone circle and a number of individual slabs. Ultach Fhinn Fingals armful is a huge prone slab 23 ft by 6 ft. It may be the remains of a burial chamber. NF 83 63 15. Carinish Stone Circle is largely ruined the A865 goes through the middle of it. NF 832 602 BENBECULA 16. Gramsdale North NF 825 562 and Gramsdale South Suidheachadh Sealg NF 825 552. At each of these sites, mile apart, only one stone remains erect, but fallen slabs suggest that both were circles. SOUTH UIST 17. Crois Chnoca Breaca Stoneybridge a thin leaning slab, near the shore. NF 734 336 18. Bheinn a Charra a 17 ft megalith. NF 770 321 19. Bornish Sligeanach Kildonan is said to have once stood 13 ft high but is often almost covered by the sand dunes. NF 727 286 20. Pollachar Standing Stone, on the shore near the Pollachar Inn, fell and was reerected. NF 745 144 BARRA 21. Borve Standing Stones are situated within sand dunes. NF 653 014 22. Druim a Charra Brevig is a single stone, standing high on a hillside. NL 689 990 1 2 1 2 1 2
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