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55 54 1. The Standing Stones of Callanish Callanish I, Turusachan, Calanais, the Stonehenge of the Hebrides NB 213 330. Nearby Visitor Centre exhibition, shop, cafe and toilets. 2. Cnoc Ceann a Gharraidh Callanish II, Loch Roag NB 222 326 see pages 4647. 3. Cnoc Fillibhir Bheag Callanish III NB 225 327 see pages 4849. 4. Ceann Hulavig Callanish IV, Garynahine NB 230 304 see page 4849. 5. Airigh nam Bidearan sheiling of the pinnacles, Callanish V lies in peaty moorland, SW of Garynahine. Three stones stand in line, each less than 3 feet high, more stones lying or buried in the peat. The alignment indicates moonrise at its extreme southern position. NB 234 299 6. Cul a Chleit Callanish VI two standing stones, 3 ft and 5 ft tall, on a hillock beyond site V. NB 247 303 7. Cnoc Dubh Thoms Callanish VII but probably not prehistoric NB 232 302 . 8. Cleitir Callanish VIII, Barraglom, Bernera Bridge stands on the island of Great Bernera, overlooking the bridge. The tallest of the erect stones is 9 ft high and others have been reerected in recent years. This is an unusual perhaps unique stone semicircle, facing south on a cliffedge. NB 164 343 8a. Aird a Chaolais Callanish VIIIA is a single stone, near the opposite shore, overthrown when a road was widened and reerected in 1999. NB 165 340 9. Druim nan Bidearan Callanish IX two prone slabs by a modern cairn NB233 297 10. Na Dromannan Callanish X, Druim nan Eum is situated on a moorland ridge east of Callanish village. Nineteen or more large fallen slabs seem to have once formed a circle with both outlying stones and internal features. The nearby rocky cliff is reputed to be the quarry from which the stones at the main Callanish site were obtained. NB 230 336 11. Airigh na Beinne Bige Callanish XI a single erect stone, almost 5 ft high, others fallen or buried by peat. It stands on a ridge with a superb view over the whole Callanish area. NB 222 356 12. At the entrance to Stonefield in Breasclete stands a single 3 ft stone Callanish XII which was left in place and set in a cobbled plinth when the houses were built in the 1960s. NB 215 350 13. Sgeir nan Each Callanish XIII a thin prone slab on the seashore NB 215 341. 14. Cnoc Sgeir na hUidhe Callanish XIV is a small erect stone, situated such that the sun rises directly above it at the equinoxes, as viewed from Callanish I. NB 228 329 15. Airigh Mhaoldonuich Callanish XV may once have stood over 11 feet high. Today it lies prone in the croftland of Kirkibost, Great Bernera. NB 177 346 16. Cliacabhaigh Callanish XVI, a single stone about 3 feet high. It is almost due north of the central stone at Callanish I and in line with the central stone and south row. NB 213 338 17. Druim na hAon Chloich the ridge of the one stone, Callanish XVII, a single broken prone slab on a hillside at Garynahine. Viewed from this spot, site IV lines up with the notch in the Harris hills and the regleam of the moon at its southern extreme. NB 237 320 18. Loch Crogach Callanish XVIII a small erect stone NB 244 292 19. Buaile Chruaidh Callanish XIX the broken base of a single stone NB 218 331 N.B. There is no confirmation that some of the sites given Callanish numbers are prehistoric. Sites VII, IX, XIII, XVIII and XIX are omitted from the map for this reason. SiteS ArOund cAllAniSh 1 2 1 2
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