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53 52 SiteS On lewiS And hArriS This list, continuing over the next five pages, records brief details of standing stone sites that are likely to date from the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods. A few of the more important chambered cairns are listed, but these are so numerous, especially on North Uist, and often so ruinous, that most are omitted. The inclusion of a site does not imply that access is permitted always check locally if in doubt. Avoid disturbing sheep and cattle and respect the islanders wish to observe the Sabbath. LEWIS Clach Stein comprises two stones at Knockaird, Ness. NB 535642 Clach Stei Lin is a 5 ft tall megalith near Lower Shader. Other slabs nearby. NB 397 545 Steinacleit is a complex site above Shader township with ten erect stones and others fallen. It may represent a ruined burial cairn, adapted to other uses in later generations. NB 396 541 Clach an Trushal. The impressive 19 ft Thrushel Stone at Ballantrushal is probably the tallest single megalith in Scotland. NB 376 537 Clach an Cnoc Laorain Loch Roinavat Stone Circle, near Shawbost, with two erect slabs, was first recorded in 1983 by Margaret Curtis. NB 233 463 Clach an Tursa stones of sadness is within the croftland of Upper Carloway. It was probably once an alignment, but only one megalith still stands, almost 7 feet tall. Two other stones lie, broken, nearby. NB 204 430 Breasclete Park Cairn, south of Breasclete School, was discovered during road widening, excavated in 1999 and partially rebuilt. Although over a mile away from the main Callanish site, it lies directly in line with the avenue. NB 218 347 Achmore Stone Circle is a true circle of about 45 yards diamter, one of the largest in Scotland. There are about 20 stones of which two are erect. The site was first recorded by Margaret Curtis and myself in 1981, after we had removed the overlying peat from some of the stones. NB 317 292 Druim Dubh Stone Circle. Sixteen prone slabs, some almost buried, lie in an ellipse across the road from the Half Way Garage. First recorded by Margaret Curtis in 1992. NB 357 274 Priests Glen is a ruinous stone circle near New Valley. NB 411 351 Clach Stein, near Bayble, is a prone slab which once stood about ten feet high. NB 517 317 Loch Seaforth Fangs, Sideval is marked as Stone Circle, remains of on the OS map. It was much modified in later centuries. NB 278 167 plus all the Callanish area sites in the boxed area which are shown on pages 5455. HARRIS Clach an Teampuill is a 5 ft tall stone on the island of Taransay famous from BBC TVs Castaway. It bears an inscribed cross, perhaps Christianising a pagan monument. NB 013 008 Clach Mhic Leoid is a prominent 10 ft stone, overlooking the shore at Nisabost. NG 041 972 Borvemore Standing Stone Scarista stands 6 feet high on the machair near Borvemore village and may be the remains of a circle. NG 021 939 A 5 ft tall standing stone on the uninhabited island of Ensay, Sound of Harris. NF 981 868 1 2
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