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40 MegAlithic Science measurement, geometry and astronomy Only some stone circles are truly circular like that at Achmore see page 52. Aubrey Burl suggests these are the earliest sites. Thom concluded that many others were constructed in geometrical shapes. He classified the central circle at Callanish as a Type A Flattened Circle. Callanish II and Callanish X also fit the same geometry, while sites II and IV are both ellipses. Thom theorised that the circle builders used a unit equal to 2.72 feet, naming it the Megalithic Yard. According to Ron Curtiss survey, Callanish IV has a long axis of 15 MY, a short axis of 12 MY and a perimeter of just over 42 MY. Although Thoms specific ideas on astronomy at Callanish have been largely superseded, his books stimulated the new discipline of archaeoastronomy. Stone alignments are checked to see if the builders lined them up with prominent horizon features where the sun or moon rises or sets at the time of significant astronomical events. Details of the six surveys shown opposite Achmore after Ponting. Site I after Thoms version of Somervilles survey. Geometry from Curtis. Sites II, III and IV Compound images, after Curtis and Thom. Site X Survey and geometry after Curtis. Arrows indicate Curtiss suggested intersite alignments. 41 1 2
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