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37 36 SOMe theOrieS AbOut cAllAniSh a rude astronomical observatory Callanish has been explained in many ways. Different writers said that it was the supreme court of the Hebridean monarch, a resting place of the illustrious dead, an ancient gothic court, or a temple to Thor or Apollo. To many it was the great Druidical Cathedral of Scotland. In 1831, Logan imagined Scottish Druids as seen opposite, but the cult probably never reached the Hebrides. In any case, stone circles were built at least a millennium before the time of the Druids. John Toland suggested in 1726 that the twelve obelisks of the circle represented the signs of the Zodiac while the nineteen stones on each side of the avenue related to the 19year lunar cycle. The stone rows related to the four principal winds. In 1808, James Headrick called Callanish a rude astronomical observatory where priests marked out the rising of the sun, moon and stars. Henry Callender claimed that the south row and the central pillar lined up with the Pole Star but there was no star in that position in Neolithic times. These early suggestions that there was a connection between Callanish and the heavens foreshadowed a more scientific approach to astronomy and the stones in the twentieth century. Sir Norman Lockyer, working from previous studies in 1909, claimed to have discovered two star alignments, but few researchers accept alignments with stars today.
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