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34 beyOnd the fringe the Sleeping Beauty as the White Goddess A range of hills in southeast Lewis takes on the appearance of a supine woman only when seen from the Callanish area see below. She is called the Sleeping Beauty and, less flatteringly, Cailleach na Mointeach, the old woman of the moors. The idea that this figure had a connection with the Callanish sites arose out of astronomical research by Margaret Curtis and myself. At significant times in the lunar cycle, the moon rises from this part of the southern horizon see pages 4445. Esoteric researchers have enthusiastically adopted the Sleeping Beauty as a representation of the White Goddess or the universal Earth Mother. Some believe that ceremonies relating to birth, fertility and death took place in the Callanish circle rousing the White Goddess and revitalising the island and its people. For a certain type of visitor, stone circles emanate an indefinable mystical aura, perhaps captured in Gail Kellys artistic interpretation of Ceann Hulavig opposite, below. 35
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