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31 30 viSitOrS frOM the cAStle eerie noises in the midsummer mist One of PittRivers roles was to persuade landowners to place their monuments under government Guardianship. He had the advantage of being on equal terms with people like Lady Mary Jane Matheson of Lews Castle, by this time the owner of Lewis. In a letter to PittRivers she wrote I shall only be too glad to have the Callernish Stones put under the Ancient Monts. Act and quite believe it is the only way to preserve them. The path seen in John Sinclairs 1891 engraving opposite above was probably laid for the convenience of houseguests from Lews Castle. A story from this period tells of a visit made by an allmale group to see the midsummer sunrise girls were not allowed to go, as couples sometimes became engaged at the Stones. An old Callanish lady, from a family who were of the Stones, warned them before they set off that only those to whom it is given may see. Though the weather was clear as the party left and returned to Stornoway, at Callanish the stones were enveloped in a thick mist, from which eerie noises emerged. This and other stories and legends were recorded in 1966 by Otta Swire in her book The Outer Hebrides and Their Legends illustrations, opposite below and title page, both from this book.
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