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23 22 With the discovery of the cairn at Callanish in 1857, a visit to the site became a must for all with an interest in the antiquities of Scotland. Over the following years, new records of the site were made by various visitors. Captain F. W. L. Thomas, a prominent member of the Society of Antiquaries, undertook a surveying expedition to Callanish and nearby sites soon after the peat clearance. A fascinating series of delicate pencil drawings of individual stones is attributed to his artistassistant, known only as Mr Sharbau. Artistically enhanced copies of Sharbaus faint originals are reproduced overleaf, while his sketch of the cairn appears on page 21. He used his own numbering system for the stones, but the accepted Somerville numbers replace them here note that stones 3640 are not included as they are parts of the cairn. Sharbau recorded stone 35 as fallen but it had been re erected, probably at Mathesons instruction, by the time of Sir Henry Jamess visit. He was DirectorGeneral of the Ordnance Survey and his massive tome Plans and Photographs of Stonehenge and Turusachan in the Island of Lewis was published in 1867. It included the most accurate plan of Callanish then available. Of much greater interest today, however, is the attractive zincograph of the circle stones opposite. Ten years after the twO SurveyOrS And A vicAr visitors with an artistic eye acidic peat had been cleared away, its bleaching effect was still clearly visible. This supports all the earlier evidence for the stones having been halfengulfed in five feet of peat. The illustration also shows the cavity of the cairn, but in a cosmetically tidy state. Rev. G. R. Mackarness, who later became Bishop of Argyll and the Isles, had visited in 1866. His careful sketch of the circle see page 58 inexplicably shows the bleached sections of the stones darker, rather than lighter, than the rest.
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