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11 10 inchAnterS And druidS the earliest writers on Callanish In A Description of the Lewis by John Morisone Indweller There, published around 1680, Callanish was first mentioned in print, though not named ... there are great stones standing up in ranks, some two or three foot thick and 10, 12 and 15 foot high It is left by traditione that these were a sort of men converted into stones by ane Inchanter ... Some twenty years later, Martin Martin produced the first plan of the site opposite. It was extremely inaccurate, with far too many stones in the avenue and only three in each of the other rows. His plan did not even match his written description, which gave four stones each in the S, E and W rows. Martin reported that local people claimed that Callanish was ... a Place appointed for Worship in the time of Heathenism, and that the Chief Druid or Priest stood near the big Stone in the center, from whence he addressd himself to the People ... Later writers repeated Martins ideas about Druids and uncritically redrew his plan. The plan in James Logans The Scottish Gael 1831, while improved in other respects, still included 19 stones on each side of the avenue see frontispiece. Years after more accurate material had been published, the plan was unchanged in Logans second edition of 1863.
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