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Bender Heaven

56 57 postsCript looking at benders in a new way I would like to thank the author of a book called Tipi Living for providing part of the inspiration for my spending more than ten years living with the land. I of course opted for a bender instead, but the basic principal is the same. Like he, I have also felt the urge to pass on some of the experience and insight I have gained, in the desire to let others know of possibilities they may not have considered. For myself, the benders beauty is its ability to provide a simple, cheap, low impact, selfbuild shelter that can be substantial and comfortable enough to live in all year round. The added bonus of providing the opportunity to live face to face with our environment whilst still maintaining a few of the comforts and conveniences of modern life, is something to be treasured. A thunderstorm when viewed from your bender doorway is like no other, and to be woken by birdsong, and watch the sun rise to the boiling of a kettle on an open fire is always a profound experience. If nothing else it goes to show that we dont have to be slaves to conventionality. If convention doesnt suit or fails to provide what we need, we can make our own way, explore different lifestyles and even create new ways of living if we so wish ... the choice is ours. Happy hedge mumping The lowestcost, lowest impact, most sustainable dwelling possible.
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