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Bender Heaven

54 55 Benders and the Future low cost and low impact With the recent acquisition of knowledge about the Earths climate and our effects upon it, environmental concerns are now becoming more widespread. An increased awareness of nature brings a realisation of the extent to which our society has become disassociated from its natural environment. Although ultralowimpact lifestyles cannot provide all the answers, many believe they can make the difference and should be actively encouraged as a viable option. Thousands of people already live in bendertype structures in Britain, hidden in shady woodland or down dusty tracks, either on settled sites or following the nomadic tradition, but this type of close to nature lifestyle could accommodate many more without having an adverse effect on the land. Bender dwelling brings an appreciation of the elements and the cycles of nature which are sadly lacking in our culture, a probable cause of our collective disregard for environmental concerns. Bender dwelling also reintroduces us to the hands on primal skills which our ancestors needed for everyday life, and which have been the basis of human learning for hundreds of thousands of years. If you want to find out more about bender lifestyles in Britain you can now buy various low impact publications like this one, visit green festivals and fairs, or just take a stroll through that shady woodland or down that dusty track, and see what you can find.
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