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Bender Heaven

50 51 transport alternatives to automobiles If you intend travelling with a bender there are a number of possibilities. The obvious option of a motor vehicle, however, can seriously limit your available choice of sites. That beautiful wooded glade or windy hilltop may be out of reach if hard standing is one of your main requirements. The other option is some form of animaldrawn vehicle. Horses and donkeys, as well as being able to transport full covered wagons, can also pull a flat cart complete with full bender kit. This will allow you much more access to the countryside but will also provide you with a whole new kettle of fish. If you intend to be horse or donkeydrawn it is a sensible option to consult reading matter and people with personal experience first, rather than learn at the expense of your new found friend, or the party of nuns who happen to be crossing the road in front of you as your lack of experience in handling large and dangerous animals comes to the fore. The most selfsufficient form of animaldrawn vehicle is the handcart, and its most simple model involves the use of just one human being, namely yourself. Itinerant tradesmen or hedge mumpers of days gone by used handcarts or barrows to travel the country, doing seasonal agricultural work or peddling their wares as they did their rounds. This technology has been reinvented for the modern age with both traditional and radical designs. The bender is ideally suited to life on the open road and is easily transported around by means of a handcart. However, if a horsedrawn cart is your vehicle of choice, get some experienced advice before you embark picture by Tipi Jean.
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