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Bender Heaven

48 49 intruders rodents, badgers and bees Rodents are everywhere so its always worth investigating your bender pitch first rather than noticing the mouse hole under your bed from the scratching and rustling beneath your groundsheet on your first night. Generally speaking it usually takes a while for a new bender to attract much rodent attention. Start to leave things out that they find interesting, however, and theyll come back for more ... every night, and more than likely with their extended family in tow. A metal foodbox and lack of crumbs should prevent limit this kind of attention. Its also worth keeping an eye open for ants nests or wasps nests when choosing your bender and fire sites. Badger sets are also something to keep a respectable distance from, especially if you have dogs. However quaint they may appear at first, badgers can be grumpy and noisy, they keep unsociable hours, and they may not appreciate you camping in their garden. You are also likely to find you have attracted wasps and hornets when dismantling your bender, the folds of a tarp being an ideal place for their hibernation, as well as an ideal place for wild bees to start a little factory during the summer months. Other unmentionable scuttlers and slitherers may arrive seeking refuge from the autumn rains. Keeping your bender hot and bone dry, however, should reduce the moisture content enough to keep most of them at bay. Some of the local wildlife will welcome your presence, especially if you are likely to provide them with a free lunch. Other neighbours may not appreciate your presence so much
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