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Bender Heaven

46 47 environmental impaCt landscape awareness Though the environmental impact of a few benders dwellers for a few weeks or months is usually insignificant, its always worth bearing your footprint in mind when choosing a site. If youre on a designated area of natural beauty or a site of special scientific interest or an area that seems particularly unique or diverse, you will need to cast a little more of a careful eye before pitching up. The longer you stay in one place the more your environmental impact will have to be managed, multiplied by the number of people and benders involved. Large, longlived encampments on sensitive sites should be avoided, especially over the winter months when environmental impact will become more acute with the additional need for firewood and the increased erosion of landscape due to human traffic over damp ground. Totally stripping an area of dead wood will have an adverse environmental impact, decimating the insect population, which in turn provides food for birds, bats and the like, so start travelling further afield before it starts to become scarce. When on one site for longer periods, cooked food waste and human waste may also need to be managed. A pit is the quick and easy option, as long as you dig deep and leave it covered when not in use to keep out fourlegged trouble makers. Fill it in and dig a new one every week or so, weather depending. The more people that come to visit you in ShangriLa, and the more guestbenders and fellow benderdwellers join you, the more environmental impact you will be having.
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