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Bender Heaven

44 45 saFetY fire and disease precautions The best way to view a bender in terms of safety is as a wick waiting to be lit. Fire will be your best friend, but unless kept in its place could also be your worst enemy. Candles, if used, should have proper metal holders with nothing combustible anywhere near them and should never be left unattended. If your candle holder has a drip tray make sure it is kept free from anything that could be turned into a secondary wick by a rogue candle. Never fall asleep with a candle still burning Using a candle as your primary light source requires a constant level of vigilance. You cannot afford to be complacent. The main danger points to remember are any combustibles in close proximity to burner or candles, embers falling from the burner door, overdraw making the flue pipe and back of the burner glow red, and your outside fire. It may also be worth carrying a first aid kit with disinfectants such as thyme or tea tree oil as well as bandaging for cuts etc. Take normal hygiene precautions when cooking as well as making sure food waste is either hung in a tree or buried in a hole to avoid attracting potential diseasecarrying scavengers. Also, when walking your spade in the morning make sure you dig deep enough and cover well enough so Mr. Foxy doesnt get a free supper before he wanders into your camp at night to lick the dinner plates. Always be vigilant with fire. Attend to candles, watch your burner, candles and outside fire, and use your imagination and common sense to keep yourself and those around you safe.
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