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Bender Heaven

40 41 WoodBurner use getting the right design Not being able to shut your burner down properly can be dangerous should you ever need to do so in a hurry, for instance when high winds create an overdraw making the flue pipe glow red, or when youve unwittingly put on one too many pine logs, having much the same effect. A flat top on your burner is nigh on essential if you want to cook to any degree. The aga has a circular opening on top into which fit concentric iron rings providing an adjustable diameter for transferring heat directly to any size pan. Although Im sure someone has an aga in their bender mansion the rest of us may benefit from the technology. A metal plate and corresponding opening or hinged fliptop lid may halve the boiling time of your kettle, saving firewood in the process. For kindling, hazel wood twigs and small sticks are ideal. A split log chopped into kindling from a softish wood like pine or ash would be a suitable alternative. As well as kindling you need fuel to feed your burner. A good mixture of logs small enough to wrap your hand round, large logs and longer split logs is ideal. If the wood is green still alive it will produce more smoke than flames. The best wood has been dead for a year and left standing so that the air can circulate round it. Firewood which is too rotten gives the same effect as green wood. The woodburner is a hungry and fickle beast, feed it with good quality fuel and it will be your best friend, use rotten wood or green wood at your peril.
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