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Bender Heaven

32 33 Fire Control outdoor safety If your fire is sluggish and lacking draw, a little artificial wind can be created. Use a biscuit tin lid to flap the base of the fire or use a copper pipe to blow never suck into the embers. To shut a fire down for the night, or if youre leaving camp for an amount of time, pull the burning logs out and lay them around the outside of your ash circle so they touch neither each other nor the embers in the centre, then spread the embers so that they are also separated. If logs are still connected to the central embers a little wind can turn them back into a roaring fire in the blink of an eye. The wind can also create other problems regarding outside fires. You may have been wise to put the fire 6 ft away from a hedgerow or tree as protection from possible storms, but an obstruction to the wind can create eddies and pockets of swirling air, and in the case of a fire, swirling smoke can rapidly turn a potentially pleasant blustery evening under the moon into a night indoors. If it rains in the night, unless youve got a metal dustbin lid on legs or similar ingenious device, youll wake up to a soggy pit of ashes. Relighting a fire in these conditions can cause problems. However, if the ground is not too saturated a layer of lateral sticks or a few sheets of newspaper should provide enough of a dry base to rebuild your fire on. Fire is one of the best ways of advertising your presenceto avoid smoke, make a small hot fire from only the driest wood. Whether indoors or outdoors, keep flammable objects at a safe distance from fire, and fire will continue to be your friend.
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