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Bender Heaven

26 27 doors and WindoWs entry and exit The simplest form of freestanding doorway is a hoop made from two mediumsized poles woven together at the top with both butt ends planted in the ground. You can choose a pole from your bender as a central door pole, attaching the highest point of the hoop to it and pushing the butt ends into the ground either side of it. Otherwise try placing the hoop next to the frame so there is no central doorpole, using one or more horizontal poles to connect it to the frame. For this type of rightangle joint string may be needed, and for that professional touch you could also use a 3 hole wurzel for the topmost joint see page 21. The tarp can then be wrapped around the door hoop from the inside and a blanket secured into place to keep out the elements. A simple porch can be created by making another hoop however many feet out from the doorway, then extending the horizontals to meet it. Attach the tarp to this doorway instead and add a second door blanket or strip of tarp. In weathery situations you will also need an extra rope over the top to pull the tarp tight over the inside door hoop to keep out draughts. If you need a little light in your life most tent or canvas manufacturers will stitch in a clear flexible plastic window to your specifications for a price financial and environmental, or, if theres one lying around, a conventional framed glass window can be fitted at ground level with a bit of ingenuity and imagination. When built with a bit of care and attention a bender can be a surprisingly light, warm, dry, cosy and spacious home.
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