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Bender Heaven

24 25 dressing Your Bender covering and lining the inside Your bender frame will usually be a little wobbly until the tarps and ropes are in place, so its worth taking a bit of care putting the tarp on to prevent the frame from twisting out of shape. Rather than dragging it over, its often better to get inside and push it over bit by bit. If your bender is too tall for this you can use a flatended stick to hoik it over. Your tarp should have an overlap of at least 8 inches all the way round the bottom edge of the bender. This can be rolled up from the inside to provide a tidy finish, with minimal tarp to ground contact to prevent rot. If you dont have one whole tarp, two or three separate pieces may do the job, but they will have to be roped on well if you want them to keep the weather out. Making a skirt with the smaller pieces then putting the biggest one over the top is worth the sacrilege of cutting a few bits of tarp into lengths. The groundsheet should also preferably have an overlap of at least 8 inches which can be folded along with the corners, back under itself. Leave a little extra on the groundsheet when folding it, so it rests up against the poles and sits off the ground to keep out the elements. Linings are best put up once the tarp is in place. Bunch them into a length then slide them up between the poles and the tarp into the desired position before carefully opening them out. Wrap them around the poles, or tie them, to secure them into position. A cosy, lowimpact ecohome guaranteed to annoy your local planning office
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