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Bender Heaven

22 23 tarps, linings groundsheets outer and inner If you want to get the best equipment for outdoor living, look no further than the militarya good army surplus store will be able to get hold of most of what you need. Failing that a tent or marquee manufacturer will suffice. Heavy hemp tarpaulin is the best for insulation and water tightness. A cotton ripstop tarpaulin which has a nylon meshing woven in is the next choice. Ordinary cotton tarp is useable, whilst plastic lorry tarps, although convenient in a tight spot, will not breathe, instead creating condensation. New marquee tarps, often the cheapest option, will leak like a teabag when the weave has been stretched and all the sealant has been washed out. Liquid sealant can be obtained from camping shops or marquee manufacturers, but once your weave is stretched the best option is a new tarp. The best type of groundsheet is the galvanised rubber variety, being both flexible and durable. Otherwise, any type of plastic or waterproof material will do. Also it is worth trying to acquire your groundsheet in one whole piece as two or three overlapping sheets of plastic will only do the job until it rains. As soon as the nights get chilly a lining for the inside of your bender is worth considering. Blankets and throws can provide a good insulating layer as well as a bit of colour during those dull winter evenings, or if you need a lightweight option a small cargo parachute, if obtainable, is ideal.
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