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Bender Heaven

20 21 the Wurzel at the centre The wurzel is so named because Romany gypsies used mangle wurzels or turnips as a centrepiece for temporary dwellings, but if you fancy something more durable, a 4 inch deep, 10 inch diameter slice of oak or other hardwood is your best bet. You may need some form of vice to hold it, as well as a means of obtaining a slice of tree trunk and a drill. Decide how many poles you want to go into your wurzel and mark their positions out evenly. Then, using a or 1 inch drill bit, drill the holes 23 inches deep around the circumference of the wurzel. Trim the pole ends to fit tightly into the holes as with the ridge pole bender. You may require the use of a vice or a couple of Gclamps to secure the wurzel when drilling, as you want to get the drill holes square and straight, or your bender will not assume the desired shape and structural strength. A wurzel or halfwurzel can be used in conjunction with the ridge pole bender, just trim the end of the ridge pole to slot into the wurzel adding string if necessary to keep it attached. You can also use a large wurzel for the centre of the structure and a small one for the door frame connected by a rod. Wurzels can also be constructed from recycled or shop bought sawn timber, or a heavy duty version can be made from metal tubing and plate steel.
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