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Bender Heaven

18 19 the ridge pole central balance A ridge pole bender consists of a central pole with radiating ribs. Using a hardwood pole will vastly increase the life span of your ridge pole, though a softwood pole with set bender poles should still last for months. Use an electric drill of an auger and bit, and a inch or 1 inch drill bit, or a length or iron rod heated to red hot in the fire if you have a few hours spare. Drill your first hole at least 4 inches from the pole end, then another parallel hole 24 inches in, then repeat this process at the other end checking your second two holes are parallel with the first two. Then move down the pole 12 feet and repeat the process, checking the overall length of the pole to judge you hole positions. You can then use the ridge pole as it stands or, if you haven t done so before drilling, you can shave the holed edges flat with a billhook or drawknife, square it and round off the ends. The poles need to be carefully selected and set, once trimmed, the tip ends may need a few slivers taking off with a good knife to make them fit the holes. Ideally the poles should slide through the hole an inch or two before it stops. For the ends of the bender use normal bender poles and weave in or tie on as normal. Horizontal wooden poles can then be woven or tied on for strength and to stop the tarp sagging in. Alternatively you could employ the services of a halfwurzel next page attached to the end of your ridge pole.
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