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Bender Heaven

10 11 ropes and pegs installing the bender Good ropes are important and come in different forms Traditional hemp rope may be available through an army surplus dealer, climbing rope is expensive and only available through a specialist, and you can find nylon rope in most DIY stores. In the colder months a rope around the outside of the bender 810 inches from the ground is essential. It should hold the rolled bottom edge of the tarp down, and pull it tight in against the poles, keeping out the wind and weather. When tying the ends of this rope it is best to use a peg either side of the doorway to secure it, as tying any rope under tension to your frame may pull it out of shape. You may also need to secure it to the ground with another short length and peg in one or two places round the outside edge to stop it riding up. As soon as heavy wind occurs youll be glad you put a few ropes over the top as well. Doing this in the dark and the rain, on a windy hilltop, although exhilarating, is not an experience you need to have. With a few wellplaced ropes, good pegging and a reasonably sturdy design, a bender in 90 mph winds on open ground will survive the night intact. Not a claim you can attach to many shopbought alternatives. If you use eyelets sewn on to the outside of the tarp as an alternative to roping over the top, bear in mind that over time this will stretch the tarp out of shape and open the weave to the elements in places. As well as a rope around the base, a few ropes over the top will be necessary to prevent high winds removing your tarp.
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