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Bender Heaven

4 5 siting in Winter planning for the cold During the other eleven and a half months of the year, wet and wind will need to be accounted for. When scanning the area you wish to pitch in, looking for that perfect flat spot under that perfect oak tree, its always worth conjuring up a quick worst case weather scenario, just to be on the safe side. Unless you fancy waking up in a swimming pool, youll be looking for somewhere on higher ground, preferably with shelter to the southwest, and north, and east as well at times. It may be tempting to tuck right up under a safe looking tree or hedgerow for shelter in heavy weather, but if you only have a few rugs and a groundsheet between you and the earth, be sure to check for tree roots first. Also remember to check for any leaning or dead trees that may be within striking distance of your dwelling or fire circle. Siting your doorway so you can gaze out over that beautiful valley is all very idyllic, but should a storm pick up you may find youre pointing in the wrong direction. Although in theory you can just close your door up and open a new one on the opposite side, its usually not that simple, especially during a high wind and driving rain. If the weather has you bender bound for a few days a billowing wet doorblanket is not the sort of company you need to invite. To avoid the worst of the weather your doorway is generally best off facing toward the south east. The more care you take in choosing your site and positioning your bender, the more chance you have of keeping both the weather and your marbles where they belong.
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