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Bender Heaven

2 3 Choosing a site creating the space The weather systems in northern Europe necessitate a certain amount of forethought when choosing a site for your dwelling, even in the middle of summer. During long dry spells it is tempting to choose a site out in the open but as soon as the sun starts besting down you may wish youd stayed in the shade. The sides of a bender can be rolled up or roped and pegged out and loosely propped up with poles to create a Bedouin tentstyle affair. This will create some air circulation but as soon as the wind dies you dont want to be under a tarp in the open. Instead of moving the whole bender, you could just move the outside fire into the shade and have the best of both worlds. As well as its obvious sanitary uses the spade is also an essential piece of safety equipment during long dry spells, as its ideal for beating out bush fires. If enough care is not taken in the siting of an outside fire, long grasses and tall reeds as well as providing an idyllic surround for your midsummer dreams, could also provide a perfect wick for your worst nightmare. If youve no choice but to pitch in the long grass, tear it off or cut it in a large circle round your fire pit. It may also be a wise precaution to do the same around your bender, just to be on the safe side. The same also goes for dry dead leaves or indeed any nearby combustible material which may be innocuously drying to a tinder in the sunshine. On a hot summers day you can either roll up the sides of your bender or, with a few poles, create a shady Bedouinstyle affair.
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