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Bender Heaven

I would like to dedicate this book to the spirit of the Dongasthe understanding that a reconnection with the land is vital for both our physical and our spiritual wellbeing the understanding that the Earth begat us, it sustains us and it will consume us, and that our brief time in this form is both a beautiful gift to be celebrated and a huge responsibility to be born the understanding that we are the spirit of nature personified, and that we must seek harmony and balance with our creator the understanding that thats enough hippy bollox for one book and isnt it supposed to be about benders anyway CONTENTS Introduction 1 Choosing a Site 2 Siting in Winter 4 Essential Equipment 6 Poles 8 Ropes and Pegs 10 Making Pegs 12 Stressing and Setting Poles 14 Traditional Design 16 The Ridge Pole 18 The Wurzel 20 Tarps, Linings Groundsheets 22 Dressing your Bender 24 Doors and Windows 26 Outside Fires 28 Making Fire 30 Fire Control 32 Fire Shelter 34 Cooking Outdoors 36 Woodburners 38 Woodburner Use 40 Woodburner Safety 42 General Safety 44 Environmental Impact 46 Intruders 48 Transport 50 Handcarts 52 Benders and the Future 54 We are the waking breath, we are the spirit of the earth, we are alive and walking where we are is beautiful Donga Alex
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