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56 57 The funCTIon of Avebury the preservation of a fading cosmology Across the world people are flocking to ancient temples. Why Perhaps it is because they do something to us. Scientists and glossy media people today tell us how to look at the world and advise us what to buy. A recent fashion is to employ sacred imagery to sell the profane. Meanwhile, as we are all told every day by the same people, the forests thin and the earth becomes hotter and drier and every fifty years there are twice as many of us on this tiny planet. This is all very important and we all know about it. Martin Rees, our current Astronomer Royal, thinks it unlikely that we will survive another century, so addicted to destruction have we become. I believe Avebury was built to last possibly by a culture which knew it needed to preserve something that they knew would be lost for some time. In Professor Julian Jaynes insightful book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind he suggests that these people may have experienced reality in such a different way to ourselves as to make all comparisons theoretical. Their science seems to have been so direct and precise that it would make our finest scientists today seem as blind men to them. I think these places may have been built as much for our time as for theirs by people more clairvoyant and starborn than we know.
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