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52 53 they contain a circle of stones. On rare occasions they contain buried treasure, and this has led to many a fruitless and destructive excavation over the centuries. Some people think barrows represent constellations of stars, mapped down onto the earth, others suggest they are built where early crop circles appeared some crop circles look very like neolithic rock carvings or even where spaceships landed long long ago. In later times great warriors were buried in barrows, but most of the earlier ones are empty. Wilheim Reich thought they were part of the earthenergy grid, functioning a little like electrical condensers. Round Barrows litter the ancient landscape around Avebury. There are various kinds Bowl Barrows, Bell Barrows, Disc Barrows, Pond Barrows, Saucer Barrows, Beam Barrows and many others. Along the Ridegway they are found clustered together in groups and boast glorious stands of Beech trees, planted as a fad in Victorian times. Barrows sometimes have skeletons in them. Sometimes mysTerIous mounds barrows everywhere
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