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48 49 This is not a very good picture of the longbarrow, but it will suffice. Nowadays you can go inside and poke around in the chambers. Noone really knows what longbarrows were built for. They appeared around the start of the great stone circle building period and often were built close to cursuses, huge milelong runwaylike things built by our ancestors all over the country, also for no known reason. Some people think longbarrows were kingly burial chambers, because bones are often found inside in small chambers off the main passageway, others think that they were early churches of some kind. They could have been both if you think about it we bury our Kings in churches too. Professor John North recently found that longbarrows were often precisely aligned on the rising of bright stars, something the Pyramids do as well. Today tourists wander in and out with flashing cameras, and hippies pollute them with paraffin candles and peculiar ideas. Long barrows are almost always found on the edge of chalk deposits. They are best visited silently on frosty moonlit nights when they can emit a distinct blue flicker. They are some of the strangest and most magical places left over from the neolithic period. WesT kenneT the longbarrow
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