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46 47 In 1969, Guy Underwood, a Water Board dowser from BradfordonAvon, published an extraordinary book called The Pattern of the Past. In it he suggested that ancient peoples had been sensitive to subtle earth currents which he could detect using dowsing rods. He proposed that stone circles, burial mounds and, later, churches were all sited at places where these telluric currents converged. In Underwoods top picture opposite we see a map of the subtle lines of force at the beginning of the Avenue, where it connects with the stone circles. The lower picture shows his geodetic survey of Silbury Hill, complete with subtle energy lines, which he called aquastats. In a very strange way the diagram captures something about the potent feeling of the place. Were our ancestors engineering the energy There is so much we still do not understand. Dowsers are still used today by water authorities, builders, farmers and telephone companies to find water, pipes and cables. Archaeologists have also been known to use them to locate hidden or buried walls. Yet the art remains unexplained and secretive and few will openly admit to using it. Many dowsers are convinced that dowsing may once have been more widespread and natural, possibly forming part of an ancient science and perception, now almost gone. hIdden CurrenTs evidence of a lost science
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