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44 45 Silbury Hill does fascinate people it is our own Great Pyramid, built at the same time that the Egyptians were making theirs. We built our temples in Megalithic yards, and the Egyptians built theirs in Royal cubits the difference between the two is exactly one now illegal British foot. In Stukeleys picture the angle of slope is 40o, whereas in other learned volumes the figure is given as 30o. Whatever the slope Silbury Hill is a steep climb and the track shown in Stukeleys picture is still there today, although you have to climb a fence to get to it. A tunnel dug in the last century down into the hill recently collapsed leaving a big hole in the top. The English Heritage people, after much thought, decided to fill it up with polystyrene, surely another desecration. An iron horse bit, found in the Hill during the last century is also shown. It is not thought to be particularly ancient. The top of Silbury Hill is just visible from Avebury. If you jump in the air at the stone circles you can see the top of Silbury Hill over Waden Hill, if you lie down you cant. St. Annes Hill is behind Silbury Hill to the southwest. Later known as Tan Hill it has long been the site of a summer fair and travelling people still make their way there today. With a fire lit on Tan Hill, and dancers on Silbury Hill, milelong shadows could be cast into Avebury. sTukeleys geomeTry what on earth were they up to
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