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20 21 Avebury has four entrances, north, south, east and west, where the ditch is bridged and the henge has a gap. Two of the largest surviving stones mark the entrance to the South Circle and as you approach down the Avenue, these giant guardians of Aveburys great Outer Circle hide from The souTh enTrAnCe the approach from the avenue you until the last moment. The left entrance stone, from outside the Circle, has a place to sit, and in a rainstorm will give you a shower from a hole above the seat. The gateway between the two entrance stones is thought to be very special as powerful ley lines are said to cross there. In Stukeleys day there were more stones than now. Avebury was being demolished as he watched and most of the stones we see today were put up in the 1930s by Alexander Keiller, whose museum lies beside the Church.
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