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18 19 As we have seen, there are two huge stone circles at Avebury inside the main outer Great Circle. The part of the south circle still visible today is shown opposite, having barely changed since Stukeleys times. It is the impressive circle which you first see on arriving at the Avebury henge down the Avenue. As with the huge Stonehenge sarsens, the stones were dressed on the faces pointing towards the centre of the circle, and left rough on their outer faces. The South Circle originally consisted of 29 stones we will attempt to explain why on page 30, and at its centre stood a massive single stone, called the Obelisk see page 22. Visible lower right in the engraving are the three huge entrance stones shown on the next page two remain today and the strangely positioned Ring Stone whose stump may still be seen between the outer circle and the south circle today. There is evidence that the builders of Avebury attempted a third circle to the north of the other two but then gave up and dug the ditch instead. Sites with more than one stone circle are very rare in Britain. At Stanton Drew, a days walk away, there are three stone circles, an avenue and a cove. Another beautiful site is the Hurlers see page 7 where there are also three stone circles, one with 29 stones. The souTh CIrCle what was left of it in Stukeleys day
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