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6 1 I have been visiting the great circles of Avebury since I was small and it is always with high heart and happy step that I approach the place. I have spent days there, nights there, even weeks there. In this small book I have selected some of the more prominent features of the ancient sacred landscape which is Avebury the Stones, Silbury Hill, the Sanctuary, the Avenue, the barrows, West Kennet Longbarrow, the Dolmen and, of course, the Spring. Each of these have their own special place around Avebury and need to be visited to understand the site. The lost valleys, witchy woods and fairy dingles I will have to leave to the fleet of foot and keen of ear. The diagrams used in the book are mostly from William Stukeleys book of 1743. I feel they convey the beauty and grandeur of the place better than modern pictures. Avebury Stone Circle now has a busy tarmacadam road through its centre and constant traffic deafens visitors. The houses in the circle all now carry electric circuits and by night televisions flicker inside this ancient place. This is all a far cry from heavenly harmonies, horses, and hard work. I have seen and experienced many strange things around Avebury, and have no doubt that the place was built for an intRodUction
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