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Ancient Celtic Coin Art

30 31 Large almondshaped eyes are found widely in Celtic figurative art. On some coins they dominate the entire sacred head, while on others simple pellets and rings become hidden faces with staring eyes, magically keeping an eye on things, guarding and watching. In Irish myth the giant Balor of the One Eye is trundled onto the battlefield where his eye is uncovered to destroy and blast the enemy with its baleful power. The eye is also the phallus, the fertilising force of life, as the vulva is the eye of birth and abundance. An eye floating away from a face may be seeing into other worlds. Flaming, celestial eyes i.e., the sun, moon and stars envelop enemies in the magical flames of druidic might. Below we see winged spirits, motifs for soultravel, spirit possession, transformation and transfiguration. Designs showing winged figures crushed below horses hooves suggest the defeat of Roman Victory by tribal onslaught. Other coins show the winged spirit figure upholding the horse and rider, ensuring their victory. FLAMING EyES and winged spirits a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h.
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